Group members

  • Eva Pelayo Sañudo


    Brief CV:

    She holds a BA from the University of Oviedo (2011) and obtained an Erasmus Mundus MA in Women and Gender Studies (GEMMA) from the Universities of Bolonia and Oviedo (2013), where she studied the work of Canadian writer Aritha van Herk and its connections to space and body representations. The Italian diaspora, in New York particularly, being the topic of her PhD dissertation and her link to this research group, he has spent time doing research in relevant institutions: at the Calandra Institute (NY), at the University of Calabria and the University of Stony Brook (NY). She currently holds a Severo Ochoa Pre-doctoral Scholarship. She has participated in the Calandra Institute Annual Conference "Children and Youth in Italy and the Italian Diaspora" with her paper "Bodies in Trans(l/nation: Mapping Children's Desire and Pain in Melania Mazzucco's Vita." She has recently published "Multiple Inequalities in the Age of Transnazionalization: the case of Italian Americans" (2015) in Working Paper Series, a journal from the University of Frankfurt, in an issue devoted to "Gender, Diversity and Migration."

    Areas of Interest:

    • Italian-American Literature, gender, diaspora, urban representation, transnationalism, migration literature, postcolonial Italy, (inter)ethnic relations, canon, multiculturalism. 

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