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    Currículum breve:

    My research focuses on contemporary Spanish literature from an interdisciplinary perspective that comprises history and literary theory, cultural studies and gender, as well as narratology and ethics. It concentrates on literary and artistic works produced in the margins of the canon that have not received general critical attention, and uses theoretical approaches that have not commonly been used in contemporary Spanish literature. My main aim is to recuperate and re-read authors and works within their cultural framework. As such —especially when analysing more contemporary works— I focus on the discourses and counter discourses of collective identity (national and gendered) and their connection with urban practices, as well as on various strategies of self-representation (by means of an examination of the so-called "genres of the self"). Drawing from narratology and intersectional studies, especially from Martha C. Nussbaum's ideas, I analyse ethical conflicts. 

    My research has been awarded distinctions such as the Premio Extraordinario de Licenciatura (distinction to the best undergraduate thesis) and the Premio Extraordinario de Doctorado (distinction to the best PhD thesis) in the University of Oviedo, as well as with two positive evaluations of my research based on six-year periods (sexenios nacionales de investigación) by the Spanish National Committee for the Assessment of Research (CNEAI), the last one in 2016. I have disseminated my research in highly specialised national and international research fora and, given my expertise, I have been invited to give conferences in the University of Ghent (Belgium), the University of Passau (Germany) and in Amherst College (Massachussets, USA), as well as in several distinguished Spanish universities. All these invitations have been made by consolidated research groups in my field of research.

    In 1998 I published the monograph Antonio de Hoyos y Vinent, una figura del decadentismo hispánico (Departament of Spanish Philology, University of Oviedo), which has become an essential reference to study this author's work and also Spanish fin de siècle literature. It was reviewed in leading journals such as Ínsula or Revista Canadiense de Estudios Hispánicos, as well as in the cultural sections of some of the most important Spanish newspapers: "Babelia" (El País) and "El Cultural" (La Razón). I have published articles in national and international journals of Spanish literature and culture (Arbor or Anales de la literatura española contemporánea, among others) and have participated in collective books by leading publishers (for instance, Porrúa or Iberoamericana/Vervuert).

    I am a member of the research group Intersecciones. Literaturas, culturas y teorías contemporáneas in the University of Oviedo, coordinated by professor Isabel Carrera Suárez (Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness. Ref.: GR-2014-0009). I have taken part in 9 research projects (Spanish National Research Actions, R&D Actions of the Government of the Principality of Asturias and Research Actions of the University of Oviedo) and have been a member of the organizing committee of 4 international conferences.

    Áreas de interés:

    • En el campo de la literatura española contemporánea: la perspectiva de género (literatura, identidad nacional y género; género y representación; discursos de la autorrepresentación; literatura, espacio y género), el imaginario del Fin de Siglo  (XIX) y su intertextualidad, las relaciones prensa-literatura y la literatura del exilio español republicano. 

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