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    Currículum breve:

    Esther Álvarez López has been Senior lecturer at the University of Oviedo since 1992. In 1986, after finishing her English Studies degree, she was awarded a FPU scholarship (Ministry of Education) to fund her PhD. She teaches US Literature in the English Studies degree and several modules in Methodology of Research and Cinema in the Erasmus Mundus GEMMA and in the Gender and Diversity Master's Programmes at the U of Oviedo.

    From the beginning of her research career, she has analyzed issues of identity and representation: her BA thesis (1986, Premio Extraordinario de Licenciatura, Distinction to the Best BA thesis) centered around African American writer Toni Morrison, well before she was awarded the Nobel Prize (1993), or had received critical attention. She has continued expanding her analysis on the intersections of race, gender, and class in her doctoral dissertation (1989), as well as in her teaching (1987-), in the 11 research projects in which she has participated (7 national and 4 international), in scores of articles, book chapters in collective volumes, edited (1) and co-edited books (4), postgraduate students' research (9 doctoral dissertations, 5 of which have been awarded the Premio Extraordinario de Doctorado, Distinction to the Best PhD thesis), MA and BA theses.

    She has also transferred the findings of her research through other extra-curricular activities in cultural associations and forums, the press, and society in general. In 1987 she attended the prestigious School of Criticism and Theory at Dartmouth College with a course on African American writers, and in 2001 she was selected to participate as a Fulbright at the U of Louisiana in a course on diversity.

    Her fields of research were always innovative at the time that she started them, and they have proved to be ever more important with time, as can be seen in their inclusion and currency in university courses, publications, conferences, etc. even today. She has been in the organizing committee of the following conferences: III Congreso de Literatura y Cultura Estadounidense: "Ecología e Identidad estadounidense: raza, clase, género y medio ambiente", 2011; 37th AEDEAN Conference, 2013; 9th International Conference on Chicano Literature and Latino Studies, 2014; 16th Triennial EACLALS Conference, 2017.

    Áreas de interés:

    • The literary representation of the intersections of ethnicity and gender, specifically in the US and occasionally in Europe, as well as on cultural studies

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