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    Currículum breve:

    Carla Rodríguez González is Senior lecturer in English at the U. of Oviedo. She has been working at Spanish universities since 2000, when she was granted a scholarship (Principality of Asturias) to fund her PhD. She teaches British literature in the English Studies degree and several modules on contemporary transcultural literature and gender in the Erasmus Mundus GEMMA and in the Gender and Diversity Master's Programmes at the U. of Oviedo.

    Her research focuses on contemporary Scottish writing, as well as on postcolonial, gender and cultural studies. She analyses the literary representation of identities in the framework of the social and political changes undergone in Scotland in the past decades (independence referendum, devolution of the Parliament, Brexit) and of the glocal phenomena that characterize our world. Her research has been awarded the Premio Extraordinario de Doctorado and Premio Extraordinario de Licenciatura (distinction to PhD and BA theses, U. Oviedo), and has received 2 positive evaluations of her research (2003-2008 and 2011-2016).

    She has been invited to give 11 conferences, and has participated in 25 international conferences organized by well-established associations like EACLALS, ACLALS, AEDEAN, APEAA, NAES, IBACS. She has published 4 books: Escritoras escocesas en la nueva literatura nacional (U. Illes Balears, 2013), María Estuardo (Madrid, Ediciones del Orto, 2006), Jackie Kay: biografías de una Escocia transcultural (Oviedo: KRK, 2004) and an electronic version of her PhD thesis (U. Oviedo, 2004), which were positively reviewed in specialized journals (Scottish Studies Review, Complutense Journal English Studies).

    She has translated (annotated edition with an introduction) 2 stories by Jackie Kay and 1 article by Nira Yuval-Davis. She has co-edited 3 more books (Anthropos, Cambridge Scholars, Routledge). She has published (20 articles, 2 interviews, 3 reviews) in leading journals of Scottish Studies, like Scottish Studies Review (U. Glasgow) and Etudes ecossaises (U. Grenoble) and in other academic journals of international impact like European Journal of English Studies, English Studies (Francis & Taylor), Journal of Commonwealth Literature, Journal of Postcolonial Writing, and in established Spanish journals like Atlantis, Misceánea, RCEI, among others, as well as book chapters  (16) in collective volumes published by Peter Lang, Rodopi, Rowman and Littlefiel. Cengage learning has republished 2 of her articles in specialized volumes on the work of A.S Byatt and Leila Aboulela.

    Her article on Byatt's fiction was also included in 2 special issues published by English Studies (Francis & Taylor): Contemporary Literature (2012) and English Studies in Contemporary British Fiction and Poetry (2017). She has been a visiting scholar at the universities of Glasgow, Edinburgh and UMASS. She has participated in 8 R&D projects (EU, Spanish National Programme, Principality of Asturias, U. Oviedo).

    She has organized 1 conference (IBACS, 2007) and been part of the organizing committee of other 4: AEDEAN, EACLALS, ASYRAS, Urban Encounters. She was Copy editor of Atlantis (2012-2014) and has been a referee of research projects for ANEP (Spanish National Agency for the Evaluation of Research Projects), since 2015, as well as a reviewer for the journal RAUDEM (since 2017) and the Feminist Studies panel of the AEDEAN annual conferences (2014-2018).

    Áreas de interés:

    • Literatura, identidad nacional y género; literatura británica y escocesa contemporánea; teoría postcolonial y de género; auto/biografía; representaciones literarias de espacios urbanos

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